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Joliet Central will be hosting a festival on April 27,2017. This festival is called The Kermes. At the Kermes people are handed out awards that have made positive contributions to the local Latino community and wrote a creative paper in honor of Cesar Chavez. Families come over to celebrate in the spirit of Cesar Chavez and have food and dance. People perform traditional Mexican dancing featuring students and  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and dances that are performed with drums called Tamborazo. People then perform trick roping from people that live in Ranches. Joliet Central plans to make this a yearly Festival and that’s why they invite the whole community for everyone to come together and have fun with entertainment. Central has started this Festival since last year and this year will be the second time they will do it. Central wants to be able to motivate the community and other communities to come up with more Festivals for fundraising and having the whole community come together and participate and eventually promote public art among other initiatives. They raise all money from food and entertainment for a newly created scholarship called “Follow Your Dream.” Central’s staff  and students are excited to see people come together to celebrate diversity.





Me and my family are very united. There are days that aren’t good, but not all families are perfect. When we have the chance my parents always take the time to take all four of us, kids, out if either it is enjoying to go at an amusement park, called Six Flags. My mom doesn’t like it when we are not active. Luckily, she pushes us, together, to be active and join sports or she pays clubs to put us in sports or either one day she just takes us to the park with our dad. Most of the times on Sundays we go to church and after their we go out to eat . For us eating outside of our house on a Sunday is normal, it’s so normal that eating at our house on a Sunday feels strange and weird. We go to parties together and whenever someone has to go out with friends we have to help out at home clean or something before going out. We spend most of the time together.

Edublog Student Challenge

Social media is one of the ways to keep friends and family connected over the internet. Here are some things you can and can not post on social media.


  • Pictures of an accomplishment (ex. winning a trophy for soccer game tournament)
  • Pictures with friends
  • Pictures of you traveling to places you enjoy
  • Positive thoughts
  • Pictures with family celebrating an event



  • Post pornographic images or nudes
  • Send threats to other people
  • Bully people on the internet, which this is called cyberbullying
  • Post Suicide thoughts or encourage others to suicide
  • Post videos of people Fighting

Black History Month


Rosa Parks was one of the black women in history to make a difference in this world. She stood up for black people and their rights. Back then, black people had to sit in the back of the bus and the white people in the front and if there were not more seats in the front, a black person had to give up their seat. So one day, Rosa Parks was tired of this injustice and discrimination against black people so then she was demanded to give up her seat to someone else and she refused. All because she had refused to give her seat up, even though she was the first to sit down there, white police men decided to arrest her and take her to jail. Since then the boycott that existed when this had happened had decided that this discrimination had to stop for once and for all. They started to not ride buses and not spend money on public transportation. White people had no choice but to stop the discrimination because they were drastically losing money for all of their public transportation companies. Thanks to Rosa Parks and other black people trying to stop this discrimination, the boycott looked up to them and worked together to stop the discrimination and unfairness against black people.

Super Bowl Commercials

The 3 commercials I liked where these.

This commercials purpose was to show that not even romance can get the attention of girl like skittles does to a girl and her family and much more. The audience it was meant for is for people who like skittles, like kids. Everyone. Their message is to show that their candy is really good and that everyone loves it, including a beaver. They are just trying to make you have a laugh.

The purpose of this commercial was so that everyone can see the struggle every Latino goes through crossing the border and how they just came to see the wall built there preventing them to cross but the plot twist is that they actually had built big doors so can people can cross freely with no worries. The audience was meant for Latinos and other people who have crossed illegally to the U.S. and it could be meant for Americans who are also either Racist or not so they can see how the Journey is to cross and that its not easy also for Donald Trump who wants to build a wall.Their message is to show that everyone show be free and see life from other people’s perspective.

This commercials purpose it to show that they are against women discrimination. They try to show that women are as capable, strong, smart, and everything else just like men. Their audience could be for men who think women are no good for nothing. Their audience could also be for the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team because they had won the world cup and got less pay than the U.S. Men’s team that had lost and it was a big difference that they gotten paid for compared to men. Their message is to show that many people think there are woman that cant do anything but actually we can. To show that women can do anything. and they we should get the same amount of reward as the men did for the same accomplishment and job.




Graff Template

Dog-Meat Eating Festival

In recent discussions of considering the dog-meat eating festival as a holiday, a controversial issue has been whether dogs should be eaten for a “holiday” or not making it a holiday.  

On the one hand, some argue that this “holiday” is brutal and gruesome and is an unfair treatment for dogs.

From this perspective, many innocent dogs wouldn’t go through that.

On the other hand, however, others argue that it’s a belief to kill dogs so it won’t be so hot in the summer and would bring luck and health. In the words of one of this views main supporters, “… the meat is believed to bring good luck and health.” (Linshi, 1).

According to this view, they claim that they kill dogs just to bring in luck and health.  In sum, then, the issue is whether if the festival should be considered a “holiday”  or keep killing dogs to bring “luck and “health.

My own view is that this festival shouldn’t be celebrated at all. Though I concede that a dog’s meat supposedly brings “fortune”, I still maintain that dogs do not deserve this treatment. Dogs should not be eaten.

For example, people in the U.S. think this is cruel and considered dog abuse.

Although some might object that it’s good for them and bring nicer weather,

I reply that this is unfair. Dogs are meant to be pets not dinner.

The issue is important because many people have signed petitions to stop this and still keeps going. Also, because dogs are innocent, it’s a “man’s best-friend.” Dogs should not get killed so brutally just for people to have “dinner”.

Do you think this should really be celebrated and considered a Festival?

Should China have laws that protects pets?

PlayDoh Creation

With the Play-Doh that was given to me I decided to make an Oreo cookie. I chose to do the Oreo because I like Oreo cookies. I love cookies. And I like it because black is my favorite color. And I also like the sweet white frost. I really don’t know how to make cookies but cookies remind me of a fresh start in the morning. Drinking the cold milk and eating the cookie and I like how the combination of both taste. Cookies remind me of “Family.” I like sitting down with my sibling every morning and running to get cookies because they might run out and then one of getting the milk and then sitting down, pouring each other milk, getting 3 cookies at least each. Or sometimes I just like enjoying them alone while watching my favorite Tv show. I love cookies at anytime of the day. Either in the morning when I have just woke up, or after a tiring rough soccer game, or at night when I have taken a shower and just want to have a nice mini snack.


Social Issues

I am doing my research on about Martial Rape. Martial Rape is when you rape your own spouse. People are asking if martial rape should be classified and punished as severely as non-martial rape. As I see the statistics, many people had said yes to classifying and punishing martial rape as severely as non-martial rape about 82% had said yes. And about 18% had said no, it should not. In all 50 states in the United States it is illegal. Many people say that any type of rape is a crime and should be punished severely for raping someone. If a person doesn’t want to have sexual interactions with someone else, even if it’s their partner that they are married with, and if the victim is forced to have sex, either by threatening them or hurting them physically, mentally, etc. it is considered rape if they are forced to have sex. It is considered rape, unless the person agrees to it. A woman owns her own body and she has the right to say what happens to it. Also with a male. Also, others say that martial rape should be considered even more punishable than non-martial rape. I totally disagree with that statement. It should be the other way around or either be severely punished the same, either non-martial rape or martial rape. I think rape is definitely so wrong. It affects a person their whole entire life and could also traumatize them. I think for both they should be punished.

Word Cloud

I chose this musical note because i really enjoy music during my free time, when I exercise, When I am happy, when I am sad. Music is always there & every where. Black is also my favorite color and red as well. I am sixteen and I like soccer and Im in Orchestra and a High Honor Roll Student.


What we do for thanksgiving, as a Hispanic family, we basically celebrate the same way any American would, well our family does. But what we do is get together, we either makes plans to go out of state and celebrate with family or either we stay home and invite others to come over. We make something called Zacahuil, which is basically a big tamale and from there serve yourself a piece and enjoy it. We also make a drink called Ponche, which is a drink that has many  fruits and other stuff in it.                                                                                                           img3 recipe0257

(On the left is the Zacahuil and on the right is the Ponche.)

But all we do is celebrate and get together at home, have fun, make food, and say what we are thankful for. And what i am thankful for is my family, my grandparents, friends, school, grades, my partner , and god mainly because thanks to him I am healthy and others as well and I am still alive and get to spend Thanksgiving with them.